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2017 Springboard Grant Schedule  

Heliconia Grant
Deadline: March 30th

Heliconia Grant
Deadline: October 15th

Requirements and deadlines for Heliconia Grant:

*Restricted to art historians who identify as people of color (PoC)

Application process opens at 10 A.M. (PST) September 15th and closes October 15th

All materials need to be submitted in PDF format to the following email: Subject line must read: Heliconia Grant Last Name, First Name

You may be a student or an unaffiliated art historian.

Applicants must live in Washington State:

Education requirements: Must have a B.A. in Art History. May be coursing through a M.A. or Ph.D program in Art History.

Materials: a resume (please include home address) and an 800 word essay where you share with the CORAI Team how $500 will help you make a difference in art history (e.g. buy a College Art Association membership, attending a seminar, buying research materials, covering transportation costs to a research site, etc.) Also share with us your focus and how your perspective, theory, or interpretation enrich the current art history paradigm. 

Please send any pertaining inquiries to



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Seattle, WA 





People are hungry for these stories that break the conservative art history.
— Dr. Kellie Jones