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Revolutionize Art History™


Thank you and goodbye


After three years of operation, the CORAI Project will complete its lifetime on August 20, 2019.

I am thankful to Maria Elena, Hannah H., Andy, Hannah C., Adah, Diana, and Tara for accompanying me on this experience.

When I decided to found this organization it was, in essence, a gratitude gift to the Seattle community.

As you have probably noticed, we recently ran a ‘Thank You’ campaign on both Instagram and Facebook. We wanted to make sure all involved knew that their efforts, support, and participation are greatly appreciated 🙏

There are aspects of the CORAI Project that are too early or too late, to use ‘startup lingo’. However, as Sharon Arnold said when the Alice recently closed its doors, “transitions are good for the ecosystem when we make room for new things to grow.”

After awarding five springboard grants to five phenoms who work hard to advance art history and its practices, donating to organizations and individuals that work on the same wavelength, and sponsoring a couple of excellent STEM projects, it is our time to give way to something else.

Our sincere apologies to anyone who was planning on applying to our grants in the future.

In spite of our diminutive size, I am proud of what we were able to accomplish. And, hey… nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Even though I left the city last year, the closure of this project officially marks the end of my Seattle chapter and my retirement as an art historian.

It is with sincerity that I say a last ‘thank you’ to you all ❤️
Andrea Iaroc



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Seattle, WA *

*The CORAI Project was located on unceded Duwamish Territory





If you don’t see yourself in art history, at first, press on until you do. People are studying more than dead white men. You should, too.
— Lola Arellano-Fryer